Patricia is a ceramic studio artist-in-residence at Gasper Art Center in Dania, Florida. She studied ceramics at Broward College and has participated in creating works for the City of Pompano Beach grants for public art projects, including “Trail of the Honey Bees”, Pompano Amphitheater, Beach Boardwalk Project, Palm Aire Gazebo and Charlotte Burrie Civic Center Mosaic. Works are currently at Gasper Art Gallery and Art Frenzie in Wilton Manors, FL and previous artwork shown at ArtServe and Rossetti Gallery.

Her focus on beetles stems from a lifelong fascination with the exotic wildlife found everywhere in her native Fort Lauderdale tropical environment. “Love or hate them, these leggy little alien creatures evoke a visceral reaction of fascination or fear…they demand notice.”  Pompano’s grant for “Trail of the Honey Bees” project sparked her latent interest in insects and their abundant variety of patterns, forms, and colors, and the potential for using their forms as inspiration for designs, both representational and whimsical. 

Her work is technically mixed-media combining mid-fired stoneware clay, incorporating dimensional polymer acrylic for fine details on legs and antennae. She occasional incorporates gold leaf, metal leaf, Swarovski crystal eye sparks, wire and tiny highlights of interference enamel or glitter dust details.